Max and Kate. Greece

Many modern couples against a holiday also want to spend this day together, to make it the holiday. And I'm incredibly happy that my husband insisted on celebrating. Happiness two is reflected in hearts and the eyes of loved, surrounding you in this day, and is returning you, have repeatedly repeating itself. The concentration of happiness, love, a reunion of souls.


Italian wedding in Maggiore lake. What happens backstage.

It seems that everyone loves Italy. And how can you stay indifferent to this wonderful country? How could you choose any other place when Italy has so much to offer? Beautiful places for a family dinner, wonderful natural landscapes that make perfect shooting locations for wedding photoshoots and videos, warmhearted people that always welcome you with open arms and a smile and treat you to delicious local wines, cheeses and dishes...mmmm) Bellissimo! Read more about it in this article.


Wedding in Italy " l'amore è un miracolo "

Unique coloring of Italy, great cuisine, fascinating antique architecture, sensation of happiness in the air. And just you and me. All of this is just for us, my love. There can’t be more beautiful moment than this one right now, when I hold your hand and look into your eyes. Right now we are the only two people in existence, and the world looks at us reverently as if it doesn’t want to disturb the magic that is happening between us.


Wedding in Italy in Garda Lake / An interesting story, tips, backstage and interview with the bride.

We start thinking about a wedding as of something magical very early, probably as soon as we start watching animated movies as children. And if we are in a long-term relationship with a wonderful person and it becomes clear that a proposal is only a matter of time, anticipation of a wedding becomes even more exciting and inspiring. The magic consists in making this day your own, doing everything the way you and the groom want to, in combining your ideas and wishes. The wedding should be just yours, without trying to follow standards imposed by society. We made our wedding truly ours and this is what magic is all about!


Pascal & Mary. Paris. France

Love is an energy that expands, reveals, sends out, releases, gives revelation, divides, heals.


The tender story of Alina and Lesha on the island of love and inspiration Bali. Indonesia.

We couldn’t even imagine what this island had in store for us! But from the first day of our acquaintance we were certain that we would cherish memories of the days we spent in Bali for a very long time.


Flowers of Desert. Tenerife. Spain

- When the creeps cover the waves from head to foot, with every second the waves are stronger and stronger. - When my dear man is covered with gooseflesh, revising the movie even the 5th time. - When I look at the incredible people in the film and I can not believe that it's us, I fall in love with them. - When you wait for the solution at the end of the trailer - when will this film be shown in theaters ... - When pride for our friend overflows our hearts so that I want to tell everyone! - When 1000 words of gratitude for this film fade in front of him. .....


Anya & Tianran. Wedding in China

Dreamwood: In May we received a very interesting letter on our E-Mail. A young woman wrote us from China. She wanted us to come to Beijing to film her wedding which was to take place in September. It was a very heart-warming letter with many pleasant words in it. It was much unexpected for us to get such an invitation, because we hadn’t even talked about going to China before, let alone working there. But such a letter couldn’t leave us uninspired. We were thrilled and soon replied that we would be delighted to come to China. So, in September we landed in Beijing airport. It was already quite cold in Minsk but Beijing met us with hot weather. Our couple’s names are Anna and Tigran and this is their story…


Dreamwood Aerial Showreal from Tenerife. Canary island.

From a bird's-eye view, the world reveals itself from a completely different perspective, you fly and the hidden becomes obvious, for a moment you can feel what birds feel, the feeling of freedom. I like to shoot our planet from the air, it's beautiful; I love her. Getting higher is better to understand its scale and our insignificant place on its surface, and at the same time all worries and experiences become less on the scale of our mother earth. It is alive, the rivers winding like the capillaries of a living person, volcanic valleys like the skin of an elder and the ocean ... endless and strong. Like any other place on this planet, the island of Tenerife opened to us as those who carry love in their hearts. With love


Dream Moon - A new step and a new breath of creativity. Let me introduce you.

Man is the product of his dominant thoughts. For he becomes what he thinks about for more time. Mahatma Gandhi