Anya & Tianran. Wedding in China

Dreamwood: In May we received a very interesting letter on our E-Mail. A young woman wrote us from China. She wanted us to come to Beijing to film her wedding which was to take place in September. It was a very heart-warming letter with many pleasant words in it. It was much unexpected for us to get such an invitation, because we hadn’t even talked about going to China before, let alone working there. But such a letter couldn’t leave us uninspired. We were thrilled and soon replied that we would be delighted to come to China. So, in September we landed in Beijing airport. It was already quite cold in Minsk but Beijing met us with hot weather. Our couple’s names are Anna and Tigran and this is their story…


Dreamwood Aerial Showreal from Tenerife. Canary island.

From a bird's-eye view, the world reveals itself from a completely different perspective, you fly and the hidden becomes obvious, for a moment you can feel what birds feel, the feeling of freedom. I like to shoot our planet from the air, it's beautiful; I love her. Getting higher is better to understand its scale and our insignificant place on its surface, and at the same time all worries and experiences become less on the scale of our mother earth. It is alive, the rivers winding like the capillaries of a living person, volcanic valleys like the skin of an elder and the ocean ... endless and strong. Like any other place on this planet, the island of Tenerife opened to us as those who carry love in their hearts. With love


Dream Moon - A new step and a new breath of creativity. Let me introduce you.

Man is the product of his dominant thoughts. For he becomes what he thinks about for more time. Mahatma Gandhi


The Forest Song - Inspiration project with CathyTelle

“…Waking up at dawn and greeting this incredible world with sincere prayer…Plucking forest flowers and herbs and twining them into beautiful crown…Enjoying fresh scents of the forest…Finding harmony with Nature by singing and dancing…”


Walking through the streets of Sicily

Sometimes a spontaneous photo shoot may be more interesting than a prepared one. We didn’t plan this shooting. This idea appeared unexpectedly within the working process of our creative team. To my mind, a woman should feel exactly this way in Sicily, walk along these narrow ancient streets in exactly this kind of mood. We didn’t plan to visit any of the locations, we just walked around the city making stops on spots we liked. Light black cloak over black underwear, red shoes, red lipstick and warm colors of the city streets created special feeling of the photos: light and a little bit seductive.


Semen and Eugene. Wedding vintage style among Finnish lakes.

This couple won our hearts from the very first moments. They’ve met each other in Calcutta, India, where both volunteered in Calcutta’s Mother House. They arrived there separately at the same time wishing to help elderly people and children who don’t have home and family. Every day they served tirelessly giving all their energy. Every year hundreds of people from all over the world come to Calcutta to become a part of this great mission that Mother Teresa herself started many years ago.


Wedding in Sicily. Italy

It is so great to plunge into the summer with a great couple and a team of the best specialists from all over the world, to walk along narrow antique streets of Sicilia with a camera shooting everything around us. Backstage there on how to create this beauty:


Anya and Sergey, engagement on a black beach. Few photos of how the magic happen.

We can expect miracles every day. But in order to to give some meaning to us crouching on hand butterfly, we must realize that constantly works wonders around us. Otherwise, we simply proglyadim. Neale Donald Walsch


Engagement on the magical island of Bali.

…Tony and Diana still walked by the sea. From this day their lives were divided once and for all on the “before” and “after” periods. All their previous experience, all events of their lives seemed to have a new inspiring meaning. And before them lied the future, filled with the new unknown meanings which they were to unravel together.


How to organize a shooting in hot countries (South-Eastern Asia), Tips for those who want to shoot on Bali or Phuket, Phangan, Samui, Krabi, Sri Lanka..

We spent almost 2,5 years living and working in different countries of South-Eastern Asia and Europe. During this period of time we organized dozens of tropical and European shootings. We acquired interesting experience and today we would like to share it with you.