Engagement on the magical island of Bali.

…Tony and Diana still walked by the sea. From this day their lives were divided once and for all on the “before” and “after” periods. All their previous experience, all events of their lives seemed to have a new inspiring meaning. And before them lied the future, filled with the new unknown meanings which they were to unravel together.


How to organize a shooting in hot countries (South-Eastern Asia), Tips for those who want to shoot on Bali or Phuket, Phangan, Samui, Krabi, Sri Lanka..

We spent almost 2,5 years living and working in different countries of South-Eastern Asia and Europe. During this period of time we organized dozens of tropical and European shootings. We acquired interesting experience and today we would like to share it with you.


The color of pomegranate - Workshop by Tamara Gigola

We find inspiration everywhere but the main source of it for us is music that connects centuries, generations and peoples. Colors of pomegranate is a village love story described in an ancient Armenian legend. It’s about a musician and a girl from feuding villages. The young peoples’ settlements fought for the only water spring for many miles around. By this spring the musician and the girl met each other.


Autumn wedding in Armenia - Workshop by Tamara Gigola

Autumn is the last sigh before winter sleep, it’s both light and intensive, it brings us enchanting colors that one wants to plunge into to look for new subtle tones and hues. Among dreams of falling leaves in mountains shining eyes of a loving couple mark the beginning of a new life, new story, the story of their love.


Wedding Inspiration on the shores of Sevan lake - Workshop by Tamara Gigola. Armenia.

Listening to ceaseless wind by Sevan lake one may hear regretful voice, calling his loved one: - “Ah, Tamar”. This is a love story of Armenian queen and a fisherman. They knew that their love wasn’t meant to be. Every day at sunset Tamar waited for him by the quay and saw him off at dawn. Their love was boundless. But one evening he didn’t come back...


The love story of Anastasia & Sergei, shot on shores of Gulf of Finland. A story about magic being created.

I tell about love. I talk to you.

If you are a surgeons’ scalpel, I’m flesh that it cuts through.

If you are a process, I am dynamics.

If you are a color, I am a shade.

If you…


“Wedding talk: Dreamwood studio” - Interview

Dreamwood: As always, our day begins with good news!) If you have questions about our work or life, perhaps you’ll find some answers in this interview for the best wedding webportal in Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) :)). We talk about our experience, share our views and tell about our plans for the future. The interview is veeery lengthy and very interesting!) We hope you’ll enjoy reading it.


Nehanda & Miguel

History of Nehand and Miguel is proof that true love knows no boundaries and distances. Having arrived in Bali from around the world, they met and fell in love with each other and captured her trembling and tender feelings in a touching love-story, which we are pleased to share with you.


Natasha & Igor

Warm sand, the surf, the soft light of the sun, and only sincere feelings of two lovers - what else is needed for love-story casual shooting? Today, we invite you for a walk along the shore of the Indian Ocean, along with radiant and gay couple - Natalia and Igor. The history of how small dreams become reality, is wanted.


Like a fairy tale - wedding of Eugene and Anna

Our dreamlike wedding was a result of dedicated and hard work of hired professionals and members of our family. We enjoyed every second of that day. It was an ideal celebration and we will never forget it!