The love story of Anastasia & Sergei, shot on shores of Gulf of Finland. A story about magic being created.

I tell about love. I talk to you.

If you are a surgeons’ scalpel, I’m flesh that it cuts through.

If you are a process, I am dynamics.

If you are a color, I am a shade.

If you…


“Wedding talk: Dreamwood studio” - Interview

Dreamwood: As always, our day begins with good news!) If you have questions about our work or life, perhaps you’ll find some answers in this interview for the best wedding webportal in Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) :)). We talk about our experience, share our views and tell about our plans for the future. The interview is veeery lengthy and very interesting!) We hope you’ll enjoy reading it.


Nadi & Frank

History of Nadi & Frank is proof that true love knows no boundaries and distances. Having arrived in Bali from around the world, they met and fell in love with each other and captured her trembling and tender feelings in a touching love-story, which we are pleased to share with you.


Natasha & Igor

Warm sand, the surf, the soft light of the sun, and only sincere feelings of two lovers - what else is needed for love-story casual shooting? Today, we invite you for a walk along the shore of the Indian Ocean, along with radiant and gay couple - Natalia and Igor. The history of how small dreams become reality, is wanted.


Like a fairy tale - wedding of Eugene and Anna

Our dreamlike wedding was a result of dedicated and hard work of hired professionals and members of our family. We enjoyed every second of that day. It was an ideal celebration and we will never forget it!


Shooting the video: DREAMS OF BRANCHES | Seeing you

“Wonderful and meaningful acquaintance with Kos and Lu on Phangan, then - two months on Bali, and this is the result of our work: the first music video by my band called “Dreams of Branches” for the song “Seeing you”. It turned out great and I’m really happy. Special thanks to Mikhail Nilov and Ludmila Nilova for wonderful shots and your talents, to Kos for high-mindedness, sense of purpose, advice and brisk managerial energy, thanks to Lu for filling this whole process with spirit and to Alyona for love and inspiration.” Daniil Yole.


Rose & Leonid

Mystery and enigma, gloominess, languor and beauty – these words were coming to mind when we planned this photoshoot.


Dreamwood Workshop - Natural Beauty

Serenity, levity, beauty of nature. Naturalness of everything around us: mountain landscapes, unspoilt meadows, hair and skin colors.


Lake Ritsa. Engagement Session. Abkhazia

“I’m sure that meaning of life for every one of us is just to grow in love.” – Lev Nikolaevithch Tolstoy.


Wedding inspiration in Abkhazia - Workshop by D'Arcy Benincosa

“Love is a priceless gift. It’s the only thing that we give away but that will always be with us.” – Lev Tolstoy.