Shooting the video: DREAMS OF BRANCHES | Seeing you

“Wonderful and meaningful acquaintance with Kos and Lu on Phangan, then - two months on Bali, and this is the result of our work: the first music video by my band called “Dreams of Branches” for the song “Seeing you”. It turned out great and I’m really happy. Special thanks to Mikhail Nilov and Ludmila Nilova for wonderful shots and your talents, to Kos for high-mindedness, sense of purpose, advice and brisk managerial energy, thanks to Lu for filling this whole process with spirit and to Alyona for love and inspiration.” Daniil Yole.


Rose & Leonid

Mystery and enigma, gloominess, languor and beauty – these words were coming to mind when we planned this photoshoot.


Dreamwood Workshop - Natural Beauty

Serenity, levity, beauty of nature. Naturalness of everything around us: mountain landscapes, unspoilt meadows, hair and skin colors.


Lake Ritsa. Engagement Session. Abkhazia

“I’m sure that meaning of life for every one of us is just to grow in love.” – Lev Nikolaevithch Tolstoy.


Wedding inspiration in Abkhazia - Workshop by D'Arcy Benincosa

“Love is a priceless gift. It’s the only thing that we give away but that will always be with us.” – Lev Tolstoy.


Dmitry & Maria

“I love you and I will love you till I stop breathing. I know this for sure. You are my horizon, all my thoughts come down to you. Whatever happens – you will be the most important person for me. And it has always been like that. Always.” – Erich Maria Remarque.


Pasha & Kristina

”Love is when you want to experience with someone four seasons. When you want to hide with someone under blooming lilac bush from a spring storm and gather berries and swim in a river in Summer. When you want to make jam and tape up the windows together in Autumn. And help someone survive colds and long evenings in Winter.” - “Dandelion Wine”, Ray Bradbury.


Alexandra & Evgeni

Probably the most wonderful question on which I meanwhile don't find the answer is a question of an interlacing of destinies. Why You.? Why I??? Why They.? And why We.? Why to us these two met? And why with them it is so easy to speak and be silent? Why with with all the heart and without the rest we told them our story and allowed to immortalize it for our ancestors? For now I look for answers, we with you will investigate, than time and as it sounds smells, to watch our movie and to remember only our, roast reviving the most ringing, eternal summer! Thanks, Luda and Mischa... Bride Sasha Boyko)


"Dreamwood" cinematography workshop, Sochi

Nothing inspires and fascinates in the same way as mountains. Looking at pictures with mountain landscapes, green meadows and rivers one wants to take a backpack and go off on a journey. So we decided to pack up and fly, drive, run towards these wonderful mountains. 22-23 of November 2015.


L'amour, Créer, Flottant

One more article and video filled with lightness, tenderness, simplicity and love from Nastya Vesna’s workshop. The image was created perfectly, everything was so light that it seemed that the bride might fly in the air any moment leaving everything behind and taking all the inspired photographers with her. Sunrays and wind tangled in her hair while she walked barefoot scarcely touching the ground. Sometimes she seemed to be floating. This workshop resulted in this great clip, hope you’ll enjoy it!