Anton & Elena

The love is most invaluable and expensive gift for people. After all the only thing that it is possible to present to the loved one and at the same time to retain it in heart. Lev Tolstoy


— Thai Jungle Drum —

The clip is about a serene, wonderful mood and our memories of Krabi province. Just smiles, the sea…The warm sand is burning your feet tenderly, cool breeze swaying the hair…You are in high spirits and calm at the same time, ready to run, jump, stop and run again, smile and just enjoy the present moment. The video is dedicated to my beloved.


— Naga Mountain —

We would like to show you a little bit of mystery and enigma of Thailand’s nature, its trees, streams and rocks in a short video sketch. The shooting took place in the nature reserve near mountain Naga in Krabi province.