Alexandra & Evgeni

Probably the most wonderful question on which I meanwhile don't find the answer is a question of an interlacing of destinies. Why You.? Why I??? Why They.? And why We.? Why to us these two met? And why with them it is so easy to speak and be silent? Why with with all the heart and without the rest we told them our story and allowed to immortalize it for our ancestors? For now I look for answers, we with you will investigate, than time and as it sounds smells, to watch our movie and to remember only our, roast reviving the most ringing, eternal summer! Thanks, Luda and Mischa... Bride Sasha Boyko)


The happy occurence can do it, the karma can, and can do this consequence of permanent job over itself and over the level of the works, it is impossible to tell for certain, but we are madly grateful to the Universe for it! That it sends to us the kind, interesting, sincere, rather loving each other people. And it not mere words about "very best") isn't present, nearly all couples for which we were lucky to create this year, remained aren't simply happy, but also became our friends. Aleksandra and Evgeny, slightly opened for on a veil in the bright world where there live their feelings and allowed to remove about this cinema. Sincere tears of happiness, in the face of Sasha at the first viewing, became for us the best award, it isn't comparable with any certificate or a medal which можо to hang up on a wall, it because of what there is a wish to continue to create and become even better!!! Better former itself))

Dreeamwood cinematography 



Nov 19, 2015