Anya and Sergey, engagement on a black beach. Few photos of how the magic happen.

We can expect miracles every day. But in order to to give some meaning to us crouching on hand butterfly, we must realize that constantly works wonders around us. Otherwise, we simply proglyadim. Neale Donald Walsch

It was a truly incredible engagement photoshoot. Not every couple would want to do it by root of a volcano. But these guys were special. Thin edge of light and darkness, black sand and rays of sun. This photoshoot tells the story of magic of love, tenderness and desire.

They’ve known each other for a long time, silence and tranquility are their language. Engagement by root of a volcano…This place was chosen not by a coincidence. Dance of contrasts, unpredictable ocean waves, light wind that takes black fabric of flying dress up, emotions of the couple, their sincerity, black volcanic sand – everything harmoniously combined in an unbelievably beautiful picture.

During the photoshoot Nature showed her temper. She was gloomy at first and leaden clouds created special mystic atmosphere. But when the sun showed from behind the clouds scenery changed. Everything around us shined with golden light, even the black sand changed its tone, it gleamed and sparkled in rays of sunshine. When the sun began getting lower, the golden shining turned into light gauze with tender pink tones. At the end of the photoshoot the sun set below the horizon and everything sank into the mystic mood again.

Photographer: Liudmila Nilova - Dreamwood photography 
Videographer: Mikhail Nilau - Dreamwood cinematography
Muah: Anna Kondakova 
Location: Bali, Indonesia


Mar 11, 2017