Dreamwood Workshop - Natural Beauty

Serenity, levity, beauty of nature. Naturalness of everything around us: mountain landscapes, unspoilt meadows, hair and skin colors.

It’s not easy to organize workshop at the end of a season because it seems that all ideas are already expressed and it’s too early to try and guess what will be in demand next year. But we decided to give it a try.

Nature itself was our main source of inspiration. Firstly, we had to choose a place for our workshop. After some consideration we decided on the warm south city – Sochi. Then we started listening to ideas that were emerging in our heads, inspired by natural beauty of local landscapes. They were light, fresh and natural. We immediately abandoned everything that could complicate the shooting. 

We gave up on any decorations and even floristics. There are fabulous magnolia bushes and tiny meadow flowers in the mountains and we didn’t see any point in adding more flowers that are unnatural for this place. We longed to find harmony that was exuded by mountain peaks and sunrays shining through clouds. We guess all of us have outlived the excessive decorations fashion like wardrobes and cupboards in forests, sofas in fields etc. 


Now we want to step away from it and get a sniff of fresh air. And we see this freshness in simplicity, elegancy and naturalness. Just in two recent years decorators transformed the art of wedding decor and floristics. They can create a piece of true art out of nothing, they can turn a cold loft into blooming oasis and we just have to harmoniously place people into this beauty and the picture is ready. But even if there are no people, it’s still beautiful, even more so, something scarcely changes. And this is, of course, just marvelous, but with all that beauty it’s so easy to forget about the main objects of our photoshoots – and they are still people. We should remember that we always work for people. Their emotions. relationships, glances, smiles are the most important thing for us and we want to accent them as beautifully as possible. So, our main source of inspiration and our chief decorator was the incredible Nature of Caucasus mountains.  

The shooting day was perfect and the major credit for that goes to Anna Shyshkina, great manager from Nostra Storia agency. The weather was wonderful. Our shooting day began at Rixos Hotel located high in the mountains. There we shot brides’ and grooms’ morning in two beautiful rooms overlooking mountain landscapes. It was a great start of the day but the most interesting events were yet to happen. 

Mountains. Only when our couple ascended and we saw these unbelievable landscapes the final image took shape in our heads. We saw this incredible beauty and realized that it’s much more than we could ever wish. The colors matched perfectly: hair of our model, dress by our fairy Tatyana Kotchnova. We just can’t imagine any other dress in this photoshoot. Hand-embroidered flowers on silk seemed to be related to those meadow flowers that bloomed in this incredible place. We experienced so much positive emotions that at the end of the day we didn’t feel tired all, we felt inspiration so strong that we wished to stay in this city for some days and create more beauty. 


And this is the video we shot during this project, hope you’ll enjoy it!


Special  Thanks:

Photographer: Liudmila Nilova - Dreamwood
Organizer: Nostra Storia
Dresses: Tatiana Kochnova
Dress-transformer: Julia Ryashnitseva
Video: Dreamwood cinematography
Printing: Nikolietta Studio

With love.

Cinematography: @mikhail_nilov & @ludmilarys, Planning : @nostra_storia, Photography: @ludmilarys, Dress: @tatyanakochnova, Bridesmaids dress: @rjuliy, Stationary: @nikolietta_calligraphy, Hotel: @rixoshotels, Models: @frau_peterss & @i_bekhter, Lingerie: @ellybasko



Feb 27, 2016