Fine art wedding cinematography "Nazar & Maria"

Dear friends, I’m glad to present our new video "Nazar & Maria". True magic was happening for several hours under Poltavas’ skies and, shot by shot, we captured it in our small camera box. The video was shot on cine optics in wide movie format 3,55:1 (4k).

It’s so great to create and make something with your own hands, even if the result of your work will be impossible to touch, only to watch. But every creative person has to draw inspiration from somewhere. In this case beautiful film photos became one of our inspiration sources. Entirely by accident we found out about a great photographer Juriy Yatel who was organizing a Workshop. Without any doubts we started to pack. :)

And we were surprised and thrilled to find out that it would be almost a real wedding with guests, on-site registration and celebration dinner. It gave us great opportunities to show our best. We would like to mention that everything was organized perfectly and much of the credit for that goes to Mariya Yatel, loving and caring Juriys’ life partner. The guys paid attention to every small detail, because it’s them the general image consists of.

And here they are :)

The image turned out beautifully, we would wish to see more images like that on weddings in CIS. Of course, we are usually two years behind the West and Australia, but projects like this one give us hope for better future for wedding industry in CIS. We would like to see more weddings where every detail is thought through, weddings without big budgets, but sweet, nice and soulful, where couples feel very comfortable.

Many highly qualified adorableness, stylishness and tendernelity specialists worked on the final result:
The beauty was prepared by Mulberry decor and floristics studio;

Delicate dress by ESTY STYLE wedding design;

Hairstyle – Marina Gulevskaya;

As I mentioned before, photos by Juriy Yatel

Video by Dreamwood

We love Fine Art style and will work in this direction trying to make photos and videos tender, light and stylish. We are determined to learn and develop our skills step by step every day.

Having spent two days with Juriy and Mariya we got the “magical kick” that is very important for creative people. Not only are these two are great professionals, they are also very pleasant people interesting to communicate with. This is very important as well :). The guys are calm, friendly, smiley and sympathetic. They left us with feeling of pleasant innuendos and wish to meet them again. 

Nov 19, 2015