The love story of Anastasia & Sergei, shot on shores of Gulf of Finland. A story about magic being created.

I tell about love. I talk to you.

If you are a surgeons’ scalpel, I’m flesh that it cuts through.

If you are a process, I am dynamics.

If you are a color, I am a shade.

If you are “to love”, I am “to die of tenderness”. 

When I am a slight fear of darkness, you are the adult who turns the light in the room on and shows that there are no monsters under the bed.

When you are a prayer, I am a crowd of worshippers who offers it passionately up to Heaven.

You and me are filters, films with open endings, intuition in the darkness – not to stumble or fall, to always find each other unconsciously, whether in a stranger house or in another life.

And nothing else exists.

I exist because you exist and conversely.

I tell about love. I say these words to you from yesterday, to you from today and please, take them to the tomorrow.

Wedding Highlights - Anastasia & Sergei

The whole film can be viewed at the end of the article

She spoke those words to him standing in front of the altar and we wiped our sincere tears hiding behind cameras and trying not to miss a single moment. 



This year the wedding of Nastya and Srgey in St. Petersburg was one of the most expected weddings for us. They ordered our services almost a year before the event and all this time we looked forward for this day to come. And it finally came, August 16 of 2016.


Due to light Petersburgs’ cloudiness there was very soft diffused light that was perfect for a shooting. And we, charmed, walked around hotels’ “Scandinavia” compound looking for the best places for the photoshoot. We knew that it was going to be something very beautiful and that the guys thought of every little thing. But when we saw that the compound ends with a beach facing the Gulf of Finland, we were stunned by the beauty that lied before us.


Not many people ever think about the fact that good work of photographer or videographer is only one part of a successful shooting. Many factors influence the end result: place of shooting, light, how much time we have, style of wedding clothes the pair chose, clothes that bride wears during the makeup application, details such as shoes and perfumes, quality of polygraphy, hairpins, rings, jewelry…

And all those details should not just be present, each of them should suit you and go well with other wedding decorations. And, of course, there should be favorable circumstances for beautiful shots.




Nastya’s and Sergey’s wedding was the best planned and best organized wedding that we had an opportunity to photograph this year. Nastya planned out everything that could be planned out. She knew what she wanted, what kind of photos and what kind of video she wanted to get and she did everything that she possibly could to get the best result and to let photographers and videographers enjoy their work.

It was quite cold, but Nastya ran barefoot on the chilly wet beach and in cold water, she was doing everything for this photoshoot to be that cool! 



Timing was great, decorations were original, everything was just perfect!


And now we would like to share this cool story by Nastya who told us about wedding preparations, her expectations and about the wedding day. There are many tips and some advice for those who think about organizing a wedding.



-       How did you meet each other?

We met each other when we were 16. There was City Day, the band A-Studio was singing some love song on stage. That day our relationship started. Now we’ve been dating for 8 years.





 - Tell us about your engagement.

On our 7th anniversary Sergey proposed to me. As ill luck would have it, I’d got fever the evening before. The day went just marvelous: I spent 80% of the time in bed. But Sergey decided to follow his plan. He gave me a book where all pages were carefully cut out and engagement ring was put there instead of them. Well, I thanked him, as you would think, I,m ill, after all. But he asked again, there were tears and tears, well, you understand, don’t you?


- Please, tell about your wedding dress, your evening suit-dress and your morning garments, how you looked for them and how you chose them…

I bought my wedding dress on the 6th day after the proposal. It’s a white dress with a train by Pronovias. I bought it a year before wedding not because I wanted to be on the safe side, as my friend always jokes, but because I knew what I wanted. I just loved this incredible skirt, it seemed to me that everything that I didn’t like in wedding dresses before was combined so beautifully in this dress. I want veil and sash. Exactly what I didn’t want a year ago. I am a “give me to try those pants on” kind of girl, I don’t like dresses. But same as me and my Masha in throes redrew Ashi sketch a month before wedding, in similar throes I realized one day before the X-day that this dress is exactly what I want and that it perfectly suits the whole conception of the wedding. My final or, more precisely, beginning garment was a bodysuit and a dressing-gown. I didn’t even try to look for something in shops, because our story was absolutely unique and there was no place for lacy boudoir dresses and erotic underwear. And the bird embroidered on the back reminded us of the atmosphere and style of the wedding.



- Tell us about style of the wedding day, about your bouquet, floristics, decorations and other elements.


The whole conception of the wedding was offered to us by our decorator. Using details and nuances she told us about ourselves. We didn’t follow any trends – we were looking for something of our own.

Custom print in chinoiserie style, which was created by Yulya, an artist from Perm, expressed this day. Water-color birds obtained new forms in wedding desserts, invitations, table appointments and on my bodysuit.




 - Tell us about the place you chose for wedding ceremony, why did you choose it and what do you like about it the most?


Our wedding place was chosen not by accident. One of the main criteria was that we wake up where the ceremony was going to be. So we wouldn’t have to run about, wake up at 6 AM and drive many kilometers. And there was a room that suited the color of my dressing-gown perfectly, what else can a girl dream about? Sea and a long-long empty beach.



 - Which impressions, emotions and memories were the most bright and vivid?


It’s impossible to tell, which moments of this day were the happiest. The only thing I want to advice, always make sure that you have time to dance, have fun, hug and make photos, even if it seems that there will be plenty of time – those are our basic demands. Don’t be shy and remember that your emotions create this day.




 - Give top 10 tips for couples who plan to get married.


Always, always listen to your heart.

Don’t let negative emotions take over your mind.

Give as much attention as you can to your guests.

Take all the important decisions before you start wedding preparations: whether you take your husbands’ last name or not, how long you’re going to celebrate the wedding – for 1 day or for a week.

Don’t take any advice from your mom of friends when you choose the dress. Rely on your own taste – you’re the bride, you know best.

Look for photographer, videographer and decorator well prior to the wedding.

Please, don’t torture the photographer asking him questions like “When will my photos be ready? I wait for three days already!” – It does not work.

Always work with contracts, it will help to avoid many problems.

Look for like-minded people, rescind agreements if one night lying in bed you realized that it’s not going where you want it to. But do it politely and, please, in advance.

Love each other and be endlessly happy.


The Film, enjoy. Password for viewing can give personally. Contact us here. 

We did it together ! The annual award SPB WED AWARDS 2016 our pair won in the category:
Best Wedding 2016 - wedding of Anastasia & Sergei organized independently. Very nice to be part of a very important event, thanks to our friend and great expert who participated: floristry: Marina Shentyapina, photo Nastya & Maxim & Pavel Melnik, showman: Vasily Tsarev. Decor: Daria Terbova. Video: DREAMWOOD
Each wedding is the best and most precious.
With love Mikhail & Liudmila


Dec 10, 2016