Like a fairy tale - wedding of Eugene and Anna

Our dreamlike wedding was a result of dedicated and hard work of hired professionals and members of our family. We enjoyed every second of that day. It was an ideal celebration and we will never forget it!


This day was truly magical. It seemed that everything around leapt into the real world from pages of a beautiful fairytale book. Gorgeous ancient castle, elegantly decorated halls, exquisite flower bouquets, beautiful, fabulous dress. On the wedding day the brightest child dreams of the bride came true. And even pouring rain couldn’t ruin that day for bride, groom and guests. 



Story of the couple

We met each other more than 10 years ago. We both were in school then, Evgeniy was in the 11th grade and I was only in 9th grade. Everything started with a phone call. It was before New Year, Evgeniy called me, we talked for quite a while and since that day our relationships began developing. 

At first I didn’t see Evgeniy as my boyfriend or, all the more, as my future husband. But he was patient and didn’t give up. We rarely spoke about wedding but we both knew that sooner or later it would happen. That is why Evgeniy never made a traditional proposal. One day we just realized that we can afford a wedding. On that same day we ordered wedding rings. 



Wedding preparations

I had been dreaming about wedding since I was 7. That is why I didn’t have to think much about dress model or floristics – I knew exactly what I wanted. Conception of the wedding appeared easily as well since I work as wedding photographer and have certain experience in this area. Mikhail from Dreamwood videography duo was the first person who joined our team. He recommended us to hire a wedding manager. I was studying a “Wedding manager” course myself at the time, so I could understand how important professional help might be.  


We started preparations about a year before the wedding. I described my ideas to the manager as detailed as I could and brought a lot of photos and other information for the first meeting. The agency brought all our wishes to life. To be honest, it wasn’t easy for me to let other people organize my wedding, but I decided to put my trust in this incredible and professional team. 

And I didn’t regret it a single moment. It was raining cats and dogs on the wedding day. And the site we chose for the celebration was partially on the open air. In this situation poor wedding management would ruin the wedding. But my fairies had everything under control. As if by magic umbrellas, blankets and heaters appeared. So the wedding was very cozy and memorable, guests even asked us if we waited for such a weather on purpose. 



Conception of the wedding

At first we wanted to hold our wedding outdoors. We tried to find a venue or an open terrace that we would like for a long time but once we heard about a partially open-air castle not far from Moscow. From the very first moments it fascinated us and we immediately decided to celebrate our wedding in this incredible place. 

Conception of the wedding matched so well with the Medieval aura of the castle. I would characterize the style of our wedding as distinguished, lightsome aristocratism. All the decorations were in pastel hues with thin, luxury fabrics, floristics’ style was rich but elegant. We wanted to take advantage of special atmosphere of the castle, that is why I walked down the aisle to elven song from “The Lord of the Rings”.



Tips from the couple:

 - Plan a wedding that you can afford. Set a budget and try not to overshoot it.
Trust your taste and intuition. By that we don’t mean that you should ignore every advice about your wedding, but don’t give up on ideas that are important to you. Look for solutions and you will definitely find them.

- Don’t think about timing and organizing on your wedding day, enjoy every minute of it, while this is one of the most important days of your life.

 - Take breaks from wedding preparations. Sometimes it helps to have a “day off” to get your ideas into shape.  

 - Always tell your manager what you want. Even if it seems to you that your ideas sound silly. Don’t be shy.

 - Always describe your ideas to your team as detailed as you can. It will make everyone’s work easier and will get you results that you expect. If you dream about a certain kind of photo, tell you photographer about it.

-  Enjoy YOUR day since every wedding is unique and reflects couples’ individuality. 



Photographer:  Marymoon
Video:  Dreamwood
 The organization, decoration and floristry:  Сelebrateitnow
 Ведущие:  Twinbrothers
 Make-up and hairstyle:  Эльвира Лазаренко
   Dress designer  Анна Чудова
Designers Dress:  Princess club 
  Sweets and cakes:  Justcakes
 Bouquet:  flowers4friends
  Accessories:  LETENERO
  Printing:  Paloma
Cover Group:  Mercedesdance
Restaurants:  Немчиновка парк-отель
 Casket for the rings:   Bark and berry
  Dresses Bridesmaid:  Шведова Екатерина 
 Moscow city

May 13, 2016