Wedding in Italy in Garda Lake / An interesting story, tips, backstage and interview with the bride.

We start thinking about a wedding as of something magical very early, probably as soon as we start watching animated movies as children. And if we are in a long-term relationship with a wonderful person and it becomes clear that a proposal is only a matter of time, anticipation of a wedding becomes even more exciting and inspiring. The magic consists in making this day your own, doing everything the way you and the groom want to, in combining your ideas and wishes. The wedding should be just yours, without trying to follow standards imposed by society. We made our wedding truly ours and this is what magic is all about!

You will find the film at the end of this article, and now – some shooting backstage.








How did you meet each other?


We met each other in a club, that’s right, in a night club on the night of March 7th to 8th))) So March 8th is a double holiday for me, and now even a triple holiday! Because Maxim proposed to me on March 8th!


Some backstage photos.

How did you propose?


Of course, it was beautiful. We were on a plane from Moscow to Dubai. I was working (I’m a stewardess) and Maxim flew as a passenger. And in the middle of the flight, 40 000 feet above the ground, he proposed to me. One of our friends was also on the plane, she filmed everything on her phone. Actually, Maxim just asked her to film us walking along the aisle. I remember thinking: “Why? It’s so silly to just film us walking”)). But when he started saying the words, took my hand and offered me the ring, I realized what the filming was for) I couldn’t work after that))) All the stewardesses congratulated me, the news quickly reached the captain. After the flight guys continued congratulating me on the bus, it was fun, unexpected and unforgettable, oh, I would like to relive this experience! So this is how the proposal happened))








Tell us about your wedding dress, how you looked for it and how you chose it. 


Oh, I could talk about choosing my dress for a long time. I think I started looking at wedding dresses on the internet and saving photos of the ones I liked on my phone about 3 years ago)) But when the time had come and I actually needed a wedding dress in real life, I realized that I should just delete all the pictures I found because all the dresses seemed old-fashioned. So I began checking out works of various fashion designers. One day my friend told me about a wonderful Russian wedding dress designer (it was Tatyana Kotchnova). I looked her works up and immediately fell in love with her dresses! I think I knew that I would order my wedding dress from her right away, even though my husband always tells me that it’s better to consider as many options as possible before making final choice)))









Tell us about your bouquet, floristics, decorations and other elements.


I am, if I may say so, a classical bride, so there was never a discussion weather my bouquet should be red, blue or green – it must have been a tender white bouquet that would suit the dress)) 


Tell us about the place you’ve chosen for your wedding celebration. Why did you opt for it, what did you like the most about it? Why Italy? 


I dreamt about a wedding in Italy! It seems that the nature there is created for weddings! My heart always throbs with joy when I breathe this air! And the shores of the lake – it’s just love, so beautiful! How else could I explain why we chose Italy? One should just go there once, stand on shores of the lake and realize that there’s no better place for such a day. At least for us. 








Tell us about other members of your team that you would like to mention. 


I would like to thank Michael and Ludmila, they’re wonderful, it was so pleasant and easy to work with you all those shooting days. And the result of your work is amazing, we loved it so much!  We watched the photos and videos dozens of times and showed them to all our friends! I’m also grateful to Natalia who comforted me when we arrived at the first was nothing like the photos we’ve seen on the internet. Just night and day, I even teared up a little right there, in the villa)))) And then I cried at home after realizing that the venue we have found is not good enough and that we had to go through the process of making a choice all over again. Natasha looked for a nice villa for a long time, I’m so grateful for her patience. Finally, she found the right one. It was very convenient that I worked as a stewardess and could come and visit villas to see them in real life. But, ironically, I didn’t choose a single one I’d actually seen. I couldn’t visit the one we opted for and I was very worried because of the frustrating experience with other villas)) But it turned out to be even better than on photos, oh, those are such happy memories)))) Eugen Dragun and Svetana and her team made this wedding truly beautiful, all the decorations and details were wonderful!









Close your eyes and remember the best moments, strongest emotions, most exciting experiences, the most vivid impressions. 


The most vivid impressions of my wedding...I closed my eyes...The first memory is our letters... It was so emotional, it’s such a great idea to write letters to each other this day... Oh my god, I have goosebumps... I also remember how I wished the photoshoot to be over so I could finally see the groom, I was looking forward to that moment))) Because I didn’t see his suit and he didn’t see my dress. And I just wanted to see him. I also looked forward to meeting guests. And I worried that Mark (my little brother) could trip and fall while carrying the rings.



Please, give some tips for couples who are about to get married.


 - A tip for brides: buy shoes one size bigger))

 - A tip for couples: don’t get married after being in a relationship for just one or two years, wait until your decision can be well-considered, not emotional. Even Napoleon issued an order about it)  

 - Do a wedding for you, not for someone else)


You will find all the photos here (we will give you a password for viewing by your personal request)






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Feb 22, 2018