Max and Kate. Greece

Many modern couples against a holiday also want to spend this day together, to make it the holiday. And I'm incredibly happy that my husband insisted on celebrating. Happiness two is reflected in hearts and the eyes of loved, surrounding you in this day, and is returning you, have repeatedly repeating itself. The concentration of happiness, love, a reunion of souls.




How did you meet?
Through the app. Opened the chat page with the idea that this is the last date on which I go, getting acquainted in this way. For the sake of clearing my conscience that I'm doing something rather than waiting for the Prince to come and knock on the 10th floor window.
It was an incredibly beautiful, long-awaited first Sunny day, the beginning of spring. Cosmonautics day, Easter morning. So I wanted to get on your favourite bike and go to welcome the rejoicing city, the quiet streets of Khamovniki, decorated with bells, freedom, first heat. But I already agreed to go to drink tea, but who knew it would be such a beautiful weather, good people is more important than great, each person can have something to teach, to enrich, to show the world through different eyes, it's all very valuable. But, such weather.. birdies!
Hmm, a butterfly, a handkerchief, he's got taste. A good, not simple, a strong spirit of, is a clever. I wonder what he'll do next. I think I got caught, I wonder if he's always going on a date, taking a couple of tickets, something that you definitely don't want to miss. Circus of the sun is a great option. Pleasure from the evening in any case secured by both, well. Let's see. Educated and brave. Such a gentle man. Interestingly, that from this truth?

How did he propose? Tell this wonderful story from Cambodia.
It's true! One who does not lie, very honest with yourself and therefore with others. How do I also want to have such relationship with yourself, as this young man. Respect, grows into admiration, wild interest, and his ability to accept you with all fears in unbelievable sense of. I can't describe it in words. It's like finding a home for body and soul. He genuinely cares and appreciates, as perhaps only the parents against the children. Grants wishes from the little ones left over from childhood, before the wonders of the world. This is how we got to ANKOR Wat. Dawn. Place-the dump heads. You can't imagine walking in the footsteps of a unique civilization like this, God, what a job they did in the jungle. Degree, another degree, what a beautiful gallery. What tender rays of dawn. The portico is interesting, here people were falling and maybe they were dropped? Um. What's that sound? It's his heart beating, and I can hear it at a distance of a meter, and he's wildly nervous. Disaster, that is happening. Oh, no, not this. Question, the silence, the stillness, the emptiness, the moment in and around the crowds of tourists, just there was not a soul, I don't have time to think. It is necessary to weigh everything. Objectively he's the best man in the world.







Tell us about your wedding dress, about the search and selection, about the costume.

Individual tailoring. Simplicity, elegance, lightness, endurance. Natural fabrics, quality of work.

Tell us about the taimeng wedding days and filming, the preference in the choice of sites.

The sea is the best site. And will be a bit cheaper Moscow.

Tell us about your bouquet, floristry, decoration and other elements.

In the organization of the event only 2 things were done and controlled by the Greeks – bouquet and cake. They were terrible. You need to do yourself, to explore, to try, to argue.

Tell us about the place you have chosen for your wedding celebration. Why is it that you liked? Why Greece?

The country doesn't matter. It is important that it was the sea, beautiful and convenient location, reasonable budget. In Greece, the infrastructure is more developed than in Montenegro and cheaper than in Croatia. There are small hotels in unique, beautiful locations that can be rented as a whole for a couple of nights (out of season). International airport, friends from different countries without problems get. Islands – only if you go small

the company of young people. The combination of greenery and picturesque high banks. Delicious food. If there is a sea, then spend money on the decor don't have to.
Santorini – every second photo of a Greek wedding. There are only a couple of roofs of hotels, where you can make a short registration with the participation of 10 people, no more. We had 70 people.




Tell us about your registration. Was something Greek part of your inspiration?

No. Only place, we arrived there in the winter, to see the site. Surrounded by olive and pine trees, sweet air, filled with such happiness and strength that there is no doubt. This will be our place.

You didn't have an organizer. Why did you decide to do it yourself? How did you cope with these, share this experience, what were the difficulties and how did you decide what features of communication with the Greek wedding contractors and venues, etc.

This is my contribution to the event. And this savings. And above all, it's fun. I know our friends and relatives and when organizing, I thought about them, because they are coming for us to another country, and it was important that they were comfortable and liked everything.

With Greeks, as with any other sea people – difficult. We need patience, perseverance and goodwill. DO not rely on their sense of beauty. They live on the sea, they have everything much easier.

A little bit about the other contractors involved.

Definitely need a coordinator. Preferably with an assistant. Because no matter how planned it is, you need a conductor. Maria Khrustaleva is a wonderful, magical, kind person. Trust her boldly.





Close your eyes and remember the most vivid impressions, emotions, memories.

I can't. Husband, beautiful and unfettered excitement and the cold sea air. But sure, and I know I can give him everything.

Any other details that might help to reveal the whole picture of the wedding.
I have never seen at a wedding was absolutely everything happy. So many happy people in one place, it's a dump. And sea have legs and warm lamp light. And sparks of crystal faces hanging like pieces of frozen magic.

Please give me your TOP 10 tips for couples who are getting married.
Resolve. That's cool. Happiness is more complete when it is shared with anybody.
Nothing like the sea.
3 days-incredibly cool.
The coordinator is obligatory.
Music and good food.
Everything else can be discarded.
























Photographer: Liudmila Nilava - Dreamwood
Videographer : Mikhail Nilov - Dreamwood

Greece. The Peninsula Kassandra

Made with love. 


Apr 17, 2018