Natasha & Igor

Warm sand, the surf, the soft light of the sun, and only sincere feelings of two lovers - what else is needed for love-story casual shooting? Today, we invite you for a walk along the shore of the Indian Ocean, along with radiant and gay couple - Natalia and Igor. The history of how small dreams become reality, is wanted.

The motive for the shooting

We have with this amazing couple has an unusual history. About a year ago a friend of ours showed a picture of a very nice couple from the Internet, and we thought, 'That would be to shoot these guys one day! "But it was just a dream that we will soon forget. Or do not you forget? Perhaps the dream of shooting lodged somewhere deep in the subconscious, and we have not noticed.

Yes, the picture was named Igor and Natasha. They were sitting in an embrace, and their eyes shone with such an incredible energy light, such joy, the power, that on them could hardly take look. Probably, even at the very moment a fleeting idea of shooting flew off somewhere in the universe, there is found a response, and the universe began to build a plan for its implementation.

After a while, when we were in Bali, we suddenly received a letter from Igor and Natasha with the question of motion pictures. We could only offer them to arrange a photo session, and the guys with great pleasure supported the idea.




The style of shooting

As a location we chose a sunny beach on the sunset side of the island. Igor and Natasha picked up the clothes in light colors, we discussed the details and went to shoot. We love the simple photo shoot, where the main emphasis is on emotion couple on their smiles, attitudes and relationships, so we are not planning anything pretentious. Just simplicity, smile, emotion, and the golden sunset sun!


The style of shooting

Day shooting

Road to the beach ran through the jungle, we had a long time to go down with a huge rock, but it was worth it. Overcoming the descent, we saw ourselves a deserted beach with white sand. The beach was deserted, and it allowed us to very quickly to survey, on what not distracted.

The musical accompaniment was the sound of the ocean, but for ideal illumination meet the sun. We ran across the soft sand and, as children, they were glad everything going on. That's our dream has become a reality!


Natalia Yerofeyev: Of course, as usual, the main trick of the day was left overs. Prehistory: photos done by our friends videorgafy, one of the coolest on wedding videos. They invited us to take pictures for a photo session in the style of "engagement", we agreed.

I remember, before shooting Igor lost for half a day, comes covered in dust Balinese congestion, tired, angry. Washed, eat, go to the beach. As we descended the steep slope to the beach, I'm talking about the photographer, 'idea, it would be cool if suddenly Igor actually a hop and pulls out the ring, and now you are the best wedding photographers, all these things would have photographed, so it would be nice offer! " I remember Luda then sighed with a particular aspiration.

Later I learned that it turns out the same idea came that morning, Igor, and they all rode chose me a ring, traveled under the scorching sun and Bukit all that close, but have not found a suitable option. Well then, is not the time, we decided all together.

Thank you very much for the photos and the day Michael and Lyudmila Nilov


Aug 11, 2016