Italian wedding in Maggiore lake. What happens backstage.

It seems that everyone loves Italy. And how can you stay indifferent to this wonderful country? How could you choose any other place when Italy has so much to offer? Beautiful places for a family dinner, wonderful natural landscapes that make perfect shooting locations for wedding photoshoots and videos, warmhearted people that always welcome you with open arms and a smile and treat you to delicious local wines, cheeses and dishes...mmmm) Bellissimo! Read more about it in this article.


We love travelling, every new country adds something to our worldview and inspires us in a special way. Shooting a new video or series of photos we try to capture and express everything that we feel, our impressions of the couple we work with and of the country we’re visiting. Peoples’ emotions, nature, scents, energy, sunrises and sunsets... Italy gives us a lot of inspiration. We just want to shoot without ever turning cameras off, no matter how tired we are. There is something magical about this country. One of the most ambitious professional goals we pursue is making the global wedding market better through high quality of our work, through our ideas, inspiration and knowledge. We like talking about our experience, asking the couples we worked with to give some tips to others and giving our own words of advice. For this article we interviewed a wedding manager who planned one of the weddings we worked at. This person was fully dedicated to her work and cared about making this day perfect as much as the couple. You’ll also have an opportunity to take a glance backstage and see the work process of the team. 




 - Introduce yourself, please. What do you do for living, how long do you do it and what do you like the most about your job? 


 - Hi! My Name is Kristina Levanovitch, I am the creative director of Celebrity event agency. What I like the most about my job is the opportunity to create beautiful events, I enjoy inventing special style for every celebration. I love when everyone around me is smiling, I also love looking for team members for every project, coming up with the craziest ideas and discussing them with couples. I love surprising our clients and staying in touch with them even after the event is over. I really love my job.


- As an introduction, please tell us about the magic of this day, when did the couple start preparing for the wedding? 


- This fascinating story began when we first got acquainted with the couple. The bride is from Belarus and the groom is from Italy. Now they live between two cities – Milan and Minsk. The couple started preparing for the wedding on their own, but after some time they realized that they would need a wedding manager because they didn’t have any experience in this area and didn’t have time to learn about it. We weren’t the first agency they considered. Since the wedding was to take place in Italy, they thought about hiring an Italian manager, but after some time they decided to find out, which Minsk agencies could plan a wedding in Italy. We were very happy to receive their letter because we liked their ideas and understood their wishes. So we started planning and discussing all the details.




- How much time did it take to plan and prepare everything? What had to be done first? What was the budget you were working with? 


All the preparations took about 7 or 8 months. We looked for a good venue for the celebration and for nice places where guests and team could stay, we also tried to find the best host, photographer, videographer and decorator, the perfect dress, suit and many other things. The budget added up to 40.000 Euro. 


-  What should couples take into account planning a wedding abroad? 


- It’s important to contact the manager as soon as possible. And if the couple plans a celebration with guests, they should schedule the wedding so that all the people they want to see could be there to share the wonderful emotions we all work so hard for.


-  Were there any special concepts and ideas about the style of the wedding? If there were, how did you turn them into reality?  


- Yes, the bride dreamt of a wedding in an Italian villa on shores of a beautiful lake, where everyone could enjoy the view of sunset in the evening. Everything should have been decorated with tender pink peonies and beautiful classical music should have been floating in the air. It was a very beautiful concept: wonderful classical wedding with sweet scent of pink peonies (they are the brides’ favorite flowers, since they remind her of her grandmother and her happiest childhood days), live music, children’ laughter (there was 11 children among guests, so we hired several babysitters for the little ones and animators for the older ones, we also had children activity zones, master-classes, football field and even football uniforms for boys with the date of the wedding), Italian cuisine, delicious wine and chillout zones for chatting, etc. The colors were mostly of palette shades: pink, silver, green and, of course, white.


-  Tell us about the wedding dress and the wedding suit, how you looked for them and how you chose them. 


 - We couldn’t choose a dress for quite a long time because the bride is very beautiful, almost all the dresses fitted and suited her perfectly and she just couldn't decide which one she liked better. We looked for a dress in wedding boutiques of Milan and Minsk. In two months we've visited more than 15 boutiques, I think, the bride has tried more than 70 dresses on. Finally, we decided to create our own design and order a custom made dress. We considered all the wishes expressed by the bride, summarized all the dresses she liked into a single image and created the dream dress for her. She was so happy with the result, everything she liked about other dresses was combined in the dress made especially for her. We also ordered two mini-copies of the dress for two little girls that were to come to the wedding, their hair ornaments were also similar to the bride’s hair ornaments that included pink peonies.






- Tell us about the bouquet, floristics, decorations and other elements.  


- The bride wanted to have a classical round bouquet of tender pink peonies. It created some difficulties for us because the wedding was in June and it wasn’t easy to find good peonies at a good price, besides, they had to be of a particular color. But we managed to find and order everything to give the bride the bouquet of her dreams. When she saw it, she told us that it was even better in real life than on a picture from Pinterest) The size was perfect – not too big and not too small, just as she wanted, the color was magnificent and the smell... She carried it with her all the time, didn’t want to part with it even for a second. As for the decorations, the main goal of our team was to make them beautiful, simple and elegant. We also considered needs of our catering colleagues. Actually, we divided the venue into four sections:  


1) The standing buffet section in front of the villa, in the garden.

2) The lunch section on the ground floor of the villa.

3) Desert section in the socle floor.

4) Grill-dinner section and chill out zones behind the villa where guests could enjoy the view of the sunset.  

 Of course, there were other things that required a lot of planning and attention to details: on-site registration, children’ sections, boudoir shooting etc. We had a lot of work to do, there were many guests, more than a 100 people including 11 children (the entire Belarussian-Italian family).






- You and the guys travel a lot, which places do you love most and why did you choose Italy for the wedding? 


It seems that everyone loves Italy. And how can you stay indifferent to this wonderful country? How could you choose any other place when Italy has so much to offer? Beautiful places for a family dinner, wonderful natural landscapes that make perfect shooting locations for wedding photoshoots and videos, warmhearted people that always welcome you with open arms and a smile and treat you to delicious local wines, cheeses and dishes...mmmm) Bellissimo!




Tell us about the venue you chose for the wedding day, why did you choose it, what do you like the most about it? 


- Oh, helping the couple to choose the venue is a story of its own)) The first thing they said when we started talking about venues is that it must face west so that the guests could enjoy the view of the  sunset during the celebration dinner. They also knew what they wanted the background of their wedding photos to be: mountains, sunset and a lake not far from Milan. We put together a presentation with all the suitable venues we could find. All of them were stylish and cozy villas located in lakes of North Italy: Garda, Como and Maggiore. Then the couple chose the ones that they liked and we arranged a two day route so they could visit all the venues and see all their advantages and disadvantages in real life. The villa the wedding actually took place in was chosen after all the negotiations and scheduling work, it met all the requirements. We finally found the ideal venue for this wedding! 


- Tell us about other team members, why did you choose them to work on the project? In what ways do they stand out among other wonderful artists?


- We handpick every team member for every project. That way, if we made the right choices, we always have a powerful artistic team where everyone knows the ropes, is very professional and can be relied on to give 100% of their energy to the project. I think what we consider when making a choice is combination of personal and professional qualities. Every stage of the wedding preparations, including all the negotiations and scheduling work, should be completed in calm atmosphere and on time, as if everyone is on the same event wavelength. For me it’s also important that our team members actually love their job and not just talk about it)) 



- Close your eyes... and remember the most exciting moments, memorable impressions. Maybe you could tell us something funny about the backstage process? 


- Hm, interesting...I closed my eyes...


- I think it was the ceremony. It was a very emotional moment, I felt so happy about everything that was happening that I teared up a little. Imagine... All the guests are in their seats, waiters come to them asking if they want any drinks, everyone is waiting for the bride turning heads and trying to be the first to see her. Very moving (but not sad) music floats in the air. There are gorgeous mountains not far from the villa, sun shines very brightly, it’s noon and it’s becoming a bit hot. The host starts speaking (by the way, we printed out the text of the ceremony and gave it to every guest so everyone could understand what was happening and share all the emotions put into those words; the texts we printed out were in three languages: English, Italian and Belorussian; the host was speaking mostly English this day, the ceremony was also in English). At this very moment children of the bride and the groom from first marriages appear carrying a banner with the words “Here comes the bride”. It was very sweet because we wanted everyone to feel that this had been the moment when the couple and their children had become one big family. All the guests turned on their phones to film the bride’s entrance. The bride appeared in all her beauty arm-in-arm with her beloved father. They appeared from the shadows of a beautiful garden and slowly approached an incredibly beautiful arch decorated with tender pink peonies. The groom looked so happy, the bride was radiant too, the guests smiled and cried at the same time)) I remembered this moment so well. This is why our hard work as wedding planners is worth doing: to experience these emotions and to have these memories. 



































The clip.

Since the film is a piece of confidential information, we had to protect it with a password. To get the password and watch the film, contact us.


Photographer: Liudmila Nilava - Dreamwood
Videographer : Mikhail Nilov - Dreamwood
Planner: Event agency Celebrity
Decor: Eugenia Dragun


Locaton: Italy 

 With love... 


Feb 22, 2018