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Love is an energy that expands, reveals, sends out, releases, gives revelation, divides, heals.


A small introduction, tell in general terms about the magic of this day.

It's a party of the century for both of us. Simple, beautiful, soulful and kind. The magic of this day is still in our memory. We dream to show this day to our children and grandchildren!




How did you meet?


We met on work in November 2016. We had common friends ... And friends, just contribute to the acquaintance of good people. First meeting was in Ukraine, and so the meeting after the meeting we began to communicate more. We were friends for almost 3 months) No kisses, hugs, etc. There were special charms - long conversations, walks, dinners, conversations in Skype and chatting. There was a feeling that we had known each other for a very long time. And at the first dinner, my husband calls it a date))), and for me it was dinner, I thought that he could be my husband. This thought, like lightning, fast and sudden, a minute later I already forgot about it.







How did he make the offer?


It was very romantic ... We planned a trip to the island of Reunion and Mauritius, in April 2017. And it happened on the island of Reunion, for me it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, a paradise island. This island, where most of her husband's relatives now live. We were at his brother's wedding. They are from Paris, but once having arrived on the island, the brother's wife, decided that the wedding will be only there. In the evening, when we were at a cocktail, before the wedding dinner, he asked me to come to the restaurant in 10 minutes. And he left me ...

I'm coming, quietly dark. I came to the restaurant, thinking that I needed some help in organizational matters. And I saw him, in a beautiful white tuxedo, began to say that our love is like an ocean in which there can be both a storm and a calm water, and we already know how to pass it together! We were on terrace next to the ocean. In my memory it is bright: "Only with you I can cross the ocean! Will you become my wife? "

I wanted to cry with happiness when I heard these words and saw a ring. But with the ring, another story. He hid it in a suitcase all our journey in 20 days. A proposal was just 2 days before coming back to Paris. A steel man.





Tell me about your wedding dress, about search and choice.


I looked through the Rara Avis collection just before the trip to Mauritius and Reunion. Then I did not know that I would be honored to choose it for myself. This was more related to my work as a wedding stylist, to look and fantasize the images for the upcoming season. Seeing the dress on the site, I realized that this, I would definitely put it on. The choice was very easy and fast. I very much trust myself. Immediately after the proposal, I wrote to the salon in my city and it was one, so I just booked it for myself.



Tell us about the timing of the days of wedding and filming, about the preference in choosing places.


Sitting on the Reunion-Paris flight we began to think about the wedding, but not about the wedding in the classical sense. For us it was already the second time, so we just talked about dinner. No splendid celebration. Therefore, we treated everything with ease. I knew that I would prepare myself alone ( makeup and hair), I knew that I wanted the most to shoot bridal morning. No ceremony in the Town Hall in this day. No meetings with girlfriends, and with parents. We were agreed all guest will arrive on the coctail and dinner. It all started at 18.45 with a cocktail and at 19.45 dinner was already beginning.

From 19.00 to 19.20 we held a small ceremony, where we read our speeches in French and the grandmother of the husband who came from the island, gave us the rings. I told my husband what place will be ideal for our dinner, my husband fulfilled my request for a million percent. To the smallest detail. But in the castle, in which the second shooting was planned, we had a walk before traveling to Mauritius and Reunion. Seeing Chantilly castle, I immediately thought about work, I had in my mind: "It would be cool to shoot a workshop here, with a beautiful bride, dress and all the details. It is just awesome place! " So I turned out to be the bride ... in a beautiful dress and every detail of the image, harmoniously combined on the shooting in this ancient castle.







Tell us about your bouquet, floristry, decor and other elements.


 I knew exactly how I wanted our dinner to look like. For me it was important that everything looked beautiful and fit with each other. I wanted a way of simplicity. Floristics has done my girlfriend, with whom, you will laugh, we met in France in the distant 2009, and have been friends since then. Then I said that in France, I certainly would not have lived! But ... The universe decided to act differently, and I fell in love with a Frenchman with all my heart. I immediately decided that we would do everything ourselves and completely entrust this to my friend Lydia Ilnitskaya, who in Kiev was working in organizing and decorating weddings and big events. I am also very grateful to Ekaterina Kazakova, florist from Moscow, who shared, where and how to buy flowers in Paris. I had incredibly beautiful calligraphy made by Elena Bogush. All vases, candlesticks, and other decor we chose with Lida. She is a very experienced master in this field and immediately offered several options for the design of the table, which will look chic and what we can do without a couple dozen contractors. Our pictures in the head coincided. There were three silver vases on each of the tables, with beautiful gently creamy-pink bouquets and a lush eucalyptus. Dusty pink runners, witch I brought from Ukraine. Elegant candles with touching inscriptions for every guest. Tablets on the tables, these were iconic cities in different countries of the world, in which we were together before the wedding. For an improvised ceremony, we looked for a long time for the decor, but everything turned out perfectly. Beautiful vases and tables, now decorate our Paris apartment. By the way, one composition from the ceremony, still standing in the apartment, is a dried hydrangea and eucalyptus.





Tell us about the place you chose for the wedding celebration. Why exactly is it that you liked it the most?


We love simply and beautifully, but with a touch of luxury. I think we succeeded. The bright hall, without superfluous decor, beautiful light, round tables and laconic chairs, gently cream napkins, dusty pink runners, nice exquisite dishes. And fresh flowers, which perfectly complemented and completed the image of the hall.


 You had an international wedding, which elements or traditions were taken from different cultures?

For my husband it was big discovery to shoot the bridal morning and to make love story shooting.Now we call it Ukranian tradition) This is a very necessary tradition.  Also my friend, she is a florist, she speaks French fluently, she arranged for the complete reincarnation of her husband in Kozak. Wearing him during the wedding Ukrainian costume, hat, sash. All name of those elements were learned by the French in Ukrainian, well, and how at school they fixed everything and repeated it. It was unexpected and fun.  Our friend Nicolas, who is also married to Ukrainian lady, decided to steal a shoe. It was very funny.

I want to say that there was no leader, there were no preparations and planned moments.  For us it was a party and a festive dinner, and we had fun until 5 am. The cake was traditionally French, krokembush, very original and unusual! We had unreal beautiful music from Reunion island in the moment of brining cake.





You did not have an organizer. Why did you decide to do everything yourself?

How did you cope with this, share this experience, what were the difficulties and how you solved them, what are the features of communication with the French wedding contractors and sites, and so on. I worked for a long time in this fields and when, you prepare brides for 7 years, see all the shortcomings of this day. Therefore, no one knows us and does not feel better than us. We assigned responsibilities and set priorities. At the same time respected and listened to each other and everything turned out easily. There was a time at which, we pressed the administrator in the restaurant, let us prepare the hall for the celebration.They were very resistant, and they have clear rules. Still I think here played the moment, the refusal to cooperate with florists from their restaurant. But you do not need to be afraid of anything, everything is possible. Of course you had to be persistent, but  finaly we had a chance to come  in advance. And my friend was able to prepare the hall for the ceremony, and the restaurant for the guests. Frankly, it's a colossal work, when everything was done by one person. But a clear plan, and peace of mind. All flowers and bouquets were ready on Friday, the day before the event.




A little about other involved contractors that you want to mention. Who were the photographers and the videographer?

Michael and Lyudmila Nilov became our wedding photographers and videographers. For me it was important, my husband trusted me in this choice, that there should be a couple. A couple that makes both photos and videos, a couple who have a good relationship. Important not only professionals, but also people, who will surround you with love and confidence during this shooting. They are the first people I thought about. We know each other personally, and we met for a very long time, but I remembered that and since then I have been following them quietly. I had no dreams and fantasies, who will be my photographer, who will make the video, which dress, which bouquet in advance. In advance, I did not fall asleep with these thoughts. But when this key moment came, I trusted myself and my inner feelings and I never made any mistakes!

Close your eyes and remember the most vivid impressions, emotions, memories.

You can laugh, but the first thing we remember with my husband is a trip to a flowerhouse, at two am and until six. Shooting my bride's morning, it was magical, Mikhail and Lyudmila and me, in an empty apartment. No calls, no fuss, no people rushing around. Next, it's a beautiful moment when my husband saw me in a dress, I did not see him in a tuxedo before the wedding! It was amazing. And very touching. He prepared no less than I did, and ordered a suit from the French President's tailor. The evening itself and the atmosphere of kindness of love and happiness, not instantaneous, but strong and rich, such as our feelings! And dancing, when everyone dances with all the heart, and no one needs toast according to the schedule, this is complete freedom!






Any other details that can help reveal the whole picture of the wedding.

Every detail, it's just all that we tried to do our best. We had a cool team, my husband and I, our friend Lydia Ilnitskaya, who was a florist, translator and most cheerful guest, our photographer and videographer Luda and Misha, my husbands cousin Florian, who sang, his friend DJ Egor and our guests. And each one brought something of his own this evening. And from this he became unforgettable!


Фильм, приятного просмотра. 


Please give your TOP 10 tips for couples who are going to get married.

1. Do not do anything for someone, make this holiday just for yourself!

2. Choose the most convenient format for your wedding, do not live by templates and principles, "convenient", "uncomfortable", "understands», "does not understand". All the traditions you create by yourself, first of all in your head.

3. The day of town hall ceremony and the day of celebration should be divided. You will be grateful to yourself for this until the end of life!

4. Clearly distribute responsibilities, prescribe timing and every detail, you can always do everything calmly, the main thing is your mood and optimism.

5. Write down everything. Each idea seems unreal until you break it into one hundred small tasks. Each task must have a performer and a deadline!

6. Choose contractors close in spirit, those whom you trust. Look at their work and feel that you are on the same wave.

7. Always put an extra hour in the morning. Start an hour earlier than planned. The experience of many years in the preparing of brides. Many have incomplete calls, something is forgotten, lost,  bride is hungry, to have time to take a shower because it's hot, etc.

8. Do a gentle manicure, preferably colorless or translucent in the tone of your dress. Choose the right make-up that will make you sweet and will not betray age. A hairdo should not interfere with dancing, if you care how to look at a banquet.

9. Get away from the rules to force everyone toast, they do not need do anything. Let the atmosphere be friendly and relaxed, everyone will come and congratulate you. Conventionality is superfluous. Your guests are happy for you, since they are your guests!

10. Complete all the deeds the day before the wedding. If the celebration is on Saturday, then on Friday you should already have a rest. And get enough sleep with your beloved!


A large series of photos can be seen on this link in the photo section.

 All photos from the wedding can be found at this link. (Password for viewing please ask us) 

 Our team:

Video:  @mikhail_nilov  / Dreamwood

Photo: @ludmilanilova / Dreamwood

Makeup and hair: @maryna_gulevskaya / Maryna Gulevskaya

Dress: @salon_kuraje / Свадебный салон Кураж

Hair accessorize: @l.a._accessories / Ooh La La Accessories

Shoes: @jimmychoo / JIMMY CHOO

Wedding suit: @jonasetcie / Jonas et Cie Paris 

Calligraphy: @elena_bohush / Елена Богуш

Flowers and decor: @lida_ilnitska / Lida Ilnitska

Music: @ichbinrefuche / Refuge

Venue: Le Pre Catelan, Paris, 75000 / Le Pré Catelan


Feb 04, 2018