Walking through the streets of Sicily

Sometimes a spontaneous photo shoot may be more interesting than a prepared one. We didn’t plan this shooting. This idea appeared unexpectedly within the working process of our creative team. To my mind, a woman should feel exactly this way in Sicily, walk along these narrow ancient streets in exactly this kind of mood. We didn’t plan to visit any of the locations, we just walked around the city making stops on spots we liked. Light black cloak over black underwear, red shoes, red lipstick and warm colors of the city streets created special feeling of the photos: light and a little bit seductive.

















Videos can be viewed in this article. 

You can also watch a whole lot of photos in the form in which we give it our loved couples: Link Pixieset

Here is the box with photos and video:



Photographer: Liudmila Nilava - Dreamwood

Videographer: Mikhail Nilau - Dreamwood

Planner: Celebrity

Dress: Salon Kuraje

Decor: Eugenia Dragun

Location: Sicily

With Love...


Apr 27, 2017