Wedding in Sicily. Italy

It is so great to plunge into the summer with a great couple and a team of the best specialists from all over the world, to walk along narrow antique streets of Sicilia with a camera shooting everything around us. Backstage there on how to create this beauty:

Everything was perfect, Italy never fails to mesmerize us, we remember every our trip and shooting in Italy as something incredible. All the beautiful places, shop-windows, markets, fields, streets, beaches, canyons…one could shoot them over and over again.

We spent 4 days in Sicily and brought a bright and kind-hearted story back with us. 



Tell us about the magic of this day. How did you meet each other?

Could I imagine that after 7 years of our acquaintance one of the most unforgettable events of my life would happen? Could I imagine that my life would change so dramatically after a phrase: - “Alex, you’re going with me!” Hahaha! It was a very cool party, even now we sometimes flash back to it. This is where we met each other and where our relationships started. 





How did you prepare for the wedding?

If you want to ask me if I had dreams about this moment, about my unforgettable wedding, about this magical and dreamlike day – no, I had not. I’m actually the kind of girl who doesn’t dream about wedding and doesn’t plan everything about the wedding day from a young age. Dreaming is not actually something I like. They say that dreams come true but, as my life has been showing me for many years, even when I was little, the more I dream and imagine how great everything will be, the more I am disappointed when everything remains just a distant dream. It’s much more interesting to just let it be and see what is in store for me. Just to let things develop. Let everything happen naturally and spontaneously. Then, in 2009, we didn’t think about what would happen in 7 years, we didn’t think about our future and, all the more, about a wedding. We just enjoyed every day and every event of our lives.  


Our wedding is not something planned out and anticipated, it’s more of a consistent development of our lives and our relationships. And we wanted to celebrate it the same way we live: memorably, beautifully, with our friends and far away from everything. 







Why did you decide to hold your wedding in Italy? Which difficulties did you encounter and how did you cope with them?

We didn’t have to think about the country at all. Italy! This is just out of the question. Besides, this is where I was proposed. We chose Sicily just because we hadn’t have been there before and because there is still summer in October. Villa with not a single person anywhere near it – it’s a perfect venue for a perfect wedding celebration. The venue was the only thing we knew about our wedding several month before the event. I realized that it would be unrealistic to expect that we could make all the preparations ourselves. So wedding managers had to become our saviors. And they did! And we want to thank for it. They did unbelievable job! And they provided great help and huge support!










Please, tell us about your wedding dress, how did you look for it, how did you choose it?

The dress. I didn’t have any dreams about it, as well as about the wedding. I didn’t know what kind of dress I need, I didn’t even think about what kind of dress would suit me. Yes, I’m quite a strange bride. I didn’t even know which types of dresses existed until I entered the bridal shop. And oh my god, there turned out to be so many of them! Long, short, airy, heavy…And all of them seemed OK until I tried a Kuraje dress on! That moment all the other dresses just faded. I felt that this was MY dress, it seemed to have a spirit that was very similar to mine. So with the dress everything was quite simple.





Please, tell us about your bouquet, floristics, decorations and other elements.

It was very easy to choose decorator, photographer and videographer as well. Actually, you shouldn’t overthink it and spend too much time on it. If you like peoples’ works and if you feel comfortable around them – hire them! :)







Tell us about the style of the wedding day.

Style of our wedding appeared naturally. We wanted everything to look simple and informal, but bright and cool at the same time. That is why the girls wore simple but bright dresses and boys were dressed in shorts and shirts. No trousers, let alone jackets. It’s Summer! Our decorations were prepared by So all the credit for the beauty around us that day goes to her. She fully understood our style, understood it and created what we wanted, even though it was quite difficult for us to describe what we wished for. 





Are there some other members of your team you would like to mention?

Of course, I would like to mention our photographers and videographers, Ludmila and Mikhail from duo. Thanks to them all the beauty and joy, all emotions were preserved in GBs of photos and video. Thank you, guys, you create happiness! Because happiness and positive emotions is what we experience when we watch our wedding photos and video once again months after the wedding.





Close your eyes and… Which impressions, emotions, memories are the brightest?

It seems that every second, every moment of that day was special. We felt pure happiness! If I close my eyes now, I will be able, it seems, to remember every minute and feel every emotion I felt that day once again. And I’ll smile, smile till I feel pain in my cheekbones. And I’ll remember this touching moment when our friends sang a song that means a lot to us and I’ll cry with happiness and love.








Please, give top 5 tips for couples that are going to get married.

Tips for couples that are going to get married.

1. Do a wedding that you want despite everything! It’s your day! And you will remember it for the rest of your life, not somebody else.

2. Listen to each other. Forget all the stereotypes, this day is equally important for the bride and for the groom. You shouldn’t do everything according to wishes of only one of you. Take all the decisions together.

3. To save money and prepare your wedding yourself? Don’t do it, you can’t buy new nerves for money :) And trust me, it’s so great not to think about anything on the wedding day, not to worry about organizing and not to solve any problems.

4. “We’ll just hire a photographer, what do we need video for?” – I heard this so often. NEVER! Never forgo a wedding video! It will help you to cope with any emotions of this day any moment, whenever you need it!

5. Start drinking sedatives around 3 weeks before the wedding :) I’m serious! Even if you think you are made of rock, there will be a moment when it’ll seem that you and everyone around you start going mad. 














Backstage there on how to create this beauty:























Observations by Dreamwood

Wedding in Italy is a great idea if you dream to hold your wedding abroad in a warm country but don’t want to go too far and to face something too exotic.

 - It’s always romantic, beautiful, stylish and tasteful.

 - Light in Italy, as in any country, is special, it’s important to remember that. Italy’s light is very soft and warm-toned, so the photos will also turn out gentle, light and warm.

 - Wedding in Italy is not necessarily expensive. It often happens that a one-evening wedding celebration in a popular and expensive place in Minsk or Moscow costs more that a unique and unforgettable wedding in Italy with several days in a beautiful villa with guests.

 - If you plan to hire team of specialists from another country (not from Italy), they’ll need two full days before the wedding day and one day after the celebration. It’s very important to rest before the shooting day and study the location.


We wish you great happiness. See you in Italy!



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Here is the box with photos and video:



Photographer: Liudmila Nilava - Dreamwood

Videographer: Mikhail Nilau - Dreamwood

Planner: Celebrity

Dress: Salon Kuraje

Decor: Eugenia Dragun

Location: Sicily

Instagram; фотограф: @ludmilanilova, Видеограф: @mikhail_nilov, организатор: @event_agency_celebrity, декор: @evgeniadragun

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Apr 27, 2017