The Forest Song - Inspiration project with CathyTelle

“…Waking up at dawn and greeting this incredible world with sincere prayer…Plucking forest flowers and herbs and twining them into beautiful crown…Enjoying fresh scents of the forest…Finding harmony with Nature by singing and dancing…”

All women are very different: strict and careless, shy and jovial, calm and restless. But every single one of them has something special about her… It seems that Mother Nature herself put a magic sparkle in every woman and this sparkle makes them able to be both strong and tender, soulful and powerful. This story was inspired by a play of a great Ukrainian poet and writer, Lesya Ukrainka. She studied Ukrainian myths and legends her whole life and used her knowledge in many of her literary works. “The Forest Song”, sometimes called Ukrainian “Romeo and Juliette” is a tragic story of love between a mortal man and a beautiful magical forest creature. This somewhat haunting but incredibly beautiful poetic play and our love for the Nature of our country inspired us to create this story of three sisters-forest creatures. 


The three characters we created impersonate three features that, as we believe, are essential for true Beauty: Muse, Reverie and Wisdom.

This story took a lot to make: more than 70 hours of preparations, 12 hours of filming and photographing, 3 hours of driving, 12 dedicated and professional people giving their best to achieve great results (and it’s 12 only if we don’t count masterful designers who made 10 tasteful wedding gowns for the photo shoot)... Every detail was prepared in advance and well thought through to create beautiful and original image. Every moment, every single shot of this project has special, symbolic meaning.








It seems that this project was brought to life within one epiphanal flesh of inspiration. As soon as this idea was suggested enthusiastic professionals started joining our team bringing in their original views and conceptions. As a result, a new, yet unseen story with beautiful fantastic characters came to life. We hope our work will bring sense of lightness and purity into your heart, let you experience special coloring of Ukrainian folklore and leave new, fresh impressions.


concept&organization @cathytelle
lead photographer @tatyanachaiko
videography @mikhail_nilov & @ ludmilanilova
style @cathytelle
dresses @cathytelle
veils @holyveilofficial
florals&decorations @mari_muskari
backstage photographer @ludmilanilova
make up&hair @ilyanashablovskaya
models @sandra_shev, @obuzarova @vlada_lindemann
model agency @mss_management


Apr 27, 2017