The Bride’s Morning

On the wedding day it’s so important for the bride to feel exceptional and the most beautiful and her mood mostly depends on how her day begins. Whether she’ll feel peace and harmony, whether she will have slept well and have been woken up only by tender smell of her favorite flowers on one of the small tables of a perfect hotel room. Stretching herself like a cat, tightly embraced by her loved one, she will murmur him sincere words of love... Or, maybe, she will have to wake up early to do her hair and make-up and later, in tension, hurry and surrounded by impatient relatives she will have to wait for the groom who has already come through tiring bride purchasing.

When you watch a beautiful clip that you’ve found in one of the best western wedding video blogs an unwanted wish may appear to get a similar clip about yourself. – “I want it!”. :)

“I want it!”  - you’ll say, and you can definitely get it, be sure of it. But remember that this beauty is formed by lots and lots of small details and only if you pay enough attention to every one of them and if you respect yourself, you’ll get exactly what you want. :)

I won’t tell you about all those details because it’s possible to write quite an extensive book about them. But I’ll tell you about brides’ and grooms’ mornings and about the beginning of a wedding day in general. 

It often happens that the beginning of the day sets mood of the whole wedding, so be kind and gentle to yourself :). Let your morning be pleasant, without hurrying and bustle. Of course, it’s great if you have a beautiful and light apartment where you plan to start your wedding day with, perhaps, some of your closest friends, if you don’t have to hurry because the on-site registration is scheduled for 17:30, if you slept well and if you are in great mood. But it is not always so. In this case booking a hotel room or, even better, a cottage for twenty-four hours may help. 

To be substantive, I actually looked up prices at and found out that you can rent a great house with a garden and beautiful rooms for 100-300 $. There you will be able to spend your morning in peace, make all the preparations for the wedding and shoot beautiful photos and video. Don’t save on yourself and your memories that will be captured on photos and video and will stay with you for your entire life. :)

If you nonetheless decided to stay home and the interior is not conductive to beautiful shots (but you still want a beautiful clip :) there is another choice. 

We can film brides’ and grooms’ mornings in advance, for example, some days or weeks before the wedding. To save some money you can schedule test make-up session and hairstyle for the shooting day. If you wish, you can prepare beautiful boudoir dress for the shooting and, of course, the wedding dress. If you are renting the dress, your company will be happy to give you the dress you chose for 2-3 hours for a small price to shoot photos and videos in a studio. It’s even simpler if the dress is your own. There are different studios with various interiors in Minsk that can be rented at very reasonable prices. You won’t have to spend a lot of money on these things, but the material we’ll shoot during this time will make up to 1\4 of the final wedding video and photos.

This shooting will not only provide more beautiful shots for the final film and the photo album, but it will also help you get to know the team you hired to prepare and share your most important day better. You can have a look on the bouquet, hairstyle, make-up, wedding dress and change something, if necessary. It will save you from getting painful surprises on your wedding day.

The shooting itself passes quickly and in relaxed atmosphere. Of course, we pay more attention to the bride, but we don’t forget about the groom too :).


And of course dessert...)


Here is some inspiration for boudoir morning of the bride. Hope you’ll enjoy it. 

Cinematography: Dreamwood

Worked on the project:
Wedding planner: Maria Krukovich 
Photographer: Sveta Svetina 
Florist/Dekorator: Angelika Miljawskaja 
Dress: Maria Alekseeva
MUA: Ksyusha Tyrsikova 
Cake: Nastya Galatsevich
Model: Alina Karitskaya 
Dog: Simon Dark


Nov 19, 2015