Simon & Eugenia. Finland.

Love - this is the most precious and expensive gift for people. It's the only thing that can give a loved one and the same time to keep the heart. Lev Tolstoy


Walking through the streets of Sicily

Italy - it is not a country, but a feeling.


Anya & Tianran. Wedding in China. Beijing

Wedding in China


Morning breakfast in Forbidden City. Beijing

Morning breakfast in Forbidden City. Beijing


Walking through the old streets of Beijing

Walking through the old streets of Beijing


Wedding in Italy, Sicily

Italy - a country of dreams, with golden fruit, where love, hugging, go into the fragrant night.


Anna & Sergio Engagement

We can expect miracles every day. But in order to to give some meaning to us crouching on hand butterfly, we must realize that constantly works wonders around us. Otherwise, we simply proglyadim. Neale Donald Walsch


Tony & Diana Engagement on Bali.

…Tony and Diana still walked by the sea. From this day their lives were divided once and for all on the “before” and “after” periods. All their previous experience, all events of their lives seemed to have a new inspiring meaning. And before them lied the future, filled with the new unknown meanings which they were to unravel together.


Rose & Leonid

Mystery and secret, gloominess, languor and beauty are the words, which were come to our minds, when the survey started to born.


Dreamwood Workshop, Sochi

The naturalness, lightness and beauty of nature. The naturalness which was shown in everything: from mountain landscapes and pristine flower meadows to the color of hair and skin. Only these words were born in the head during the preparation and shooting. Our main stylist was the beauty of the caucasian mountains with peaks, which are covered with shrubs of Mongolia.