Kris & Artem . Bali, Indonesia.

Love is unity, acceptance, unity. At some point, you realize, my dear friend, that everything you see and call others other than you is yours. It's not loud words, or quiet words, or even words.


Max and Kate. Greece

The human heart is a musical instrument, it contains great music. She's asleep, but she's here, waiting for the right moment to ignite, to be expressed, to be sung, to be danced. And this moment arises through love. Without love, a person will never know what kind of music he or she has carried in his or her heart. Only through love this music becomes alive, awakened, from possible is beginning to become real.


Khao Lak, Thailand. Sofia & Vladimir

My love. I went as far as it was possible. I looked for you in every life, in every world. In every dream I waited for you and enjoyed every moment we have spent together. Your light guides me. At sunset, in every pulsing, agile fleck of dust seen in sunrise I recognise you. Your joy is the day. Your smile is the moon. Comprehending you I comprehend the world. Meeting you I fall in love again. Always.


Oceans of new love

Honey, we will fill the oceans of new love. It will fly over the depths of fears, and will whisper to you with every wave, washing feet: "I love." That's why you are always so drawn to the sea, that's why you are so devoted to him and faithful only to the ebb and flow. You remember with your inner silence that you once stood on the shore and absorbed this rhythmic calm, the wisdom of the earth itself, the tears of your past lives - the ocean.


Antony & Diana . Morning on a island.

Love is union, acceptance, unity. At some point you realize, my dear friend, that all that you see and call others that are different from you is yours. These are not loud words, and not quiet words, and not even words.


Italian wedding on Lake Maggiore.

A great Italian wedding with the family. Around the laughter of children, delicious food, intoxicating notes of the best harvests of the south and a warm day on Lake Maggiore. This is a truly Italian wedding in all its relaxed splendor.


Wedding in Italy "l'amore è un miracolo "

"Only you and I, my love, in the world there are no such words to say about my love for you." In all the worlds and past lives, I was looking for you, only you. My light in your eyes, looking at you, I fall in love again, always. Italy. SirmioneStylist


Get lost in the streets of Italy. Kris & Max

Love is the most precious and precious gift for people. This is the only thing that you can give a loved one and at the same time leave in your heart.


Wedding in Italy at Lake Garda

Inspiring wedding on the shores of Lake Garda. Maxim and Christina. Cristina: - Italy it was my dream in terms of a place for a wedding! There, nature is created for lovers! It's just the spirit that captures the atmosphere! And also on the shore of the lake, it's just love, it's very beautiful!


Pascal & Mary. Paris. France

Love is an energy that expands, reveals, sends out, releases, gives revelation, divides, heals.