Tony & Diana Engagement on Bali.

…Tony and Diana still walked by the sea. From this day their lives were divided once and for all on the “before” and “after” periods. All their previous experience, all events of their lives seemed to have a new inspiring meaning. And before them lied the future, filled with the new unknown meanings which they were to unravel together.


Rose & Leonid

Mystery and secret, gloominess, languor and beauty are the words, which were come to our minds, when the survey started to born.


Dreamwood Workshop, Sochi

The naturalness, lightness and beauty of nature. The naturalness which was shown in everything: from mountain landscapes and pristine flower meadows to the color of hair and skin. Only these words were born in the head during the preparation and shooting. Our main stylist was the beauty of the caucasian mountains with peaks, which are covered with shrubs of Mongolia.


Nadi & Frank

For true love there are no limits and distances. When that feeling comes, it is so great that everything else becomes insignificant in front of his immense power.


Natasha & Igor

On the shore of the Indian Ocean: love story of Natalia and Igor. This story is about little dreams coming to life. Just believe.


Anna & Sergio - Santa Mandala

Colors of India. Bright coloring of countries of South-Eastern Asia inspired this love story told with vibrant, deep colors. The interior, clothes and general mood of the photos depict characters of our models – they are as bright and special!


Just breathe ... Thailand

We love simple and nice shootings, without excessive details and decorations. We like to shoot people in their sincerity, naturalness, lightness and simplicity. In this article we want to share one of such photoshoots with you. A beautiful woman, seashore, air, lightness, smiles, natural and sincere emotions. It is simple and very beautiful.


Love on the islands. Thailand

Sea is our faithful friend. Not only can we listen to its sounds, but we can also tell about pain and joy of our souls. And the sea, like a loyal dog, will listen to you silently, producing a gentle soothing melody. The sea feels everything that is inside us, it doesn't matter if we want to tell about it, or not. It feels our fear and if we will be hostile to it, it will shallow us, like tiny ants…


Elizabeth and William. Abkhazia

Morning light penetrated into halls of a dilapidated castle illuminating graceful silhouettes of a loving couple. Everything was perfect. Light boheminess and restraint, white arches and colonnades, spiral staircase and faded walls of the castle, flowers and view of the Black Sea, every detail became an important part of the image.


Tenderness and grace. Abkhazia

Elegant shapes and colors, delicate floristics with casually but carefully placed branches on the airy and elegant dress. Every element created and complemented the special mood during the photoshoot. And atmosphere of dilapidated castles of Abkhazia inspired and finalized the image.