Early morning in the Andaman Sea

Few minutes before the dawn the world is filled with different colors and moods. Bright, quiet clean... in those moments harsh sounds, bright colors and controversial emotions have not yet entered the world. In those moments this whole world is like a blank sheet of paper, without any past or future, but shining in the present moment.


Dmitry and Victoria

I am so grateful to this Universe for giving us opportunities to shoot such beautiful and sincere people in such beautiful places, for opportunities to shoot people that are interesting and deep, full of gentle and sincere emotions, thoughts and vibrations. In such moments touches are not just plain gestures and eyes see the essence. Dmitry and Victoria Thailand, Phuket.


Lesley & Paul

On Bali we had a chance to shoot a beautiful and romantic couple, Lesley and Paul from Canada. It was exciting and in the end we got very light and bright photos!)