Kris & Artem . Bali, Indonesia.

Love is unity, acceptance, unity. At some point, you realize, my dear friend, that everything you see and call others other than you is yours. It's not loud words, or quiet words, or even words.

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Honey, we're gonna fill the oceans of new love. She will fly over the depths of fear, and whisper to you every wave, washing feet: "Love."

That's why you're always so drawn to the sea, that's why you're so loyal to him and loyal only to the tides.

You remember your inner silence that once stood on the shore and soaked up a rhythmic tranquility, the wisdom of the earth, the tears of your past lives — the ocean.

My feelings, my experience, thoughts and experiences are included in this little book, which is called "State To".

It turned out to be very full and lively, unpredictable. It can be read only with the heart. The magic combination of words that Express meanings, convey the beauty.

Only love overcomes fear. And in this book — every letter of love.


Photographer: Liudmila Nilava - Dreamwood
Videographer : Mikhail Nilov - Dreamwood

Bali. Indonesia. 

Made with love. 


Apr 17, 2018