Wedding in Italy, Sicily

Italy - a country of dreams, with golden fruit, where love, hugging, go into the fragrant night.

Video of how the shooting took place there, as well as interviews with the bride, you can read our blog.


You can also watch a whole lot of photos in the form in which we give it our loved couples: Link Pixieset

Here is the box with photos and video:


Photographer: Liudmila Nilava - Dreamwood

Videographer: Mikhail Nilau - Dreamwood

Planner: Celebrity

Dress: Salon Kuraje

Decor: Eugenia Dragun

Location: Sicily

Instagram; фотограф: @ludmilanilova, Видеограф: @mikhail_nilov, организатор: @event_agency_celebrity, декор: @evgeniadragun

With Love...


Apr 30, 2017