Nadi & Frank

Для настоящей любви не существует пределов и расстояний. Когда это чувство приходит, оно настолько велико, что все остальное становится незначительным перед его необъятной мощью.

Вот таких удивительных ребят посчастливилось снимать однажды) Ее зовут Нади и она родом из Зимбабве, хотя уже долгое время живет в Австралии и иногда прилетает на Бали) Его зовут Франк и он приехал на Бали он из Нью-Йорка) На магическом острове они и встретились и полюбили друг друга. А нам посчастливилось запечатлеть эти прекрасные моменты)

Like innocent children they played together,
Often forgetting the existence of time in each others presence
Effortless it was to be themselves, wild, free and untamed
As they needed to be at times…
They had a connection so rare and complex,
No words could succinctly define 
who they were to each other
Language was limited in this way…
What do you call a connection 
that transcends both time and space?
Or a perfect mirror were
He was She and she was He
In essence one soul, two bodies?…
From the moment their paths crossed, 
they recognised each other 
Understanding each other on the deepest of levels
Conversations moving through all realms of existence,
From the mystical to the mundane,
Conversations formed through dance, song, touch.
Silent gazes and deep belly laughs at the most random things
Often conveyed what a thousand words could not.…


All shadows known and unknown within
each other were illuminated by their presence,
Revealing their naked souls to each other
There was nothing to hide from each other
The Diamonds within both their hearts shined brightly
through the darkest of life's moments,
Masterpieces they became, forged and refined
through the Grace hidden in every moment of their suffering.
Purity was all the saw and felt in each other.



They knew they were both on parallel journeys
of Self transcendance and mastery ,
to embody a love so deep and unconditional within.
Through every initiation a rebirth would occur,
creating a revolution within their lives,
Inspiring and transforming the 
world around them with their light,
A deep devotion to the force of love living through
them both was imperative.
Whilst cultivating patience and trust
until the time came when they would 
be called to be of the greatest service to humanity
through the power of their love,
A love strong enough to move mountains ,
bend time, bringing heaven to earth,
Replenishing and giving life to all those in need,
This was their shared sacred destiny, 
& highest purpose of their love….



Hi!) My name is Nadi, a 31 year old Zimbabwean artist and entrepreneur based in Melbourne Australia.  I love inspiring and transforming people in their lives to be the greatest versions of themselves. I am passionate about aligning the mind, body, spirit connection. I met Mikhail and Lucy  in Bali whilst volunteering at our favorite vegetarian community restaurant. In filming day they made us feel , beautiful and comfortable and it was easy to bring out our connection and love in the photos. I highly recommend any new couple the experience of working with Mikhail !




Location: Dreamwood Beach , Bali
Photography by 
Mikhail Nilau and Людмила Рысь

Видеограф: Михаил Нилов

muah: Анна Кондакова




May 01, 2016